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Bi Curious is one of the best bi curious dating site and bi curious chat rooms for people to find a bi curious partner. As we all know, there extensive people are curious bisexual relationship, but they do not have experience on bisexual dating, these people are called bi curious people. BiCurious is solely designed to cater for these bi curious people and bisexual singles who have few experience on bisexual hookup or dating. It is the perfect choice for people who are not familiar with bisexual relationship.

PositiveFeatures of BiCurious

In general, the main destinations for most people to try bi curious dating sites is finding a partner for bi curious chat and dating. This site caters bi curious singles’ demands. Here are some very convenient features and friendly service to facilitate users initiating bi curious chat effectively. Check these wonderful features and service below:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Bi Curious offers the 24/7 customer service. If bi curious singles or bisexual people have any doubt or question about bi curious dating, they can simply send feedback to customer service. They will answer users' feedback during 24 hours. It is very convenient and easy to solve their doubts and questions.

  • Bisexual blogs and news
  • Bi curious people are new about bisexual dating. Therefore, compared with other experienced bisexual singles and bi couples, they need know some useful tips and effective ways so much more. They need know how to meet bisexual woman, man or couple; what they need keep in mind before bi curious dating or bi dating; How they can find a partner for threesome dating or swinger dating... Bisexual blogs and news are very helpful for them to get basic information about bisexual dating online.

  • Highlight profiles
  • To get more attentions, users are able to highlight their profiles to make more people see their profiles. After all, there are hundreds of new members joining BiCurious every. It is hardly for other users view your profile. If you highlight your profiles, you will quickly increase visitor volume. As a result, more bisexual or bi curious singles will contact you.

There are some more features which make online bi curious dating effective. Bi curious members are able to create profiles with photos or video self introduction. Then they can use advanced search too to find the local bisexual singles or bi curious people easily. After that, users are capable of contacting their partners by sending winks, messages or emails. To learn more wonderful features and service, just join this bi curious dating freely.

PositivePrices of Bi Curious

  • 1 Month Fees for $29.95
  • 3 Months Fees for $59.95
  • 6 Months Fees for $95.95

Undoubtedly, it is clear that the price of 6 months is best choice for people to select. If you can not make sure that the bi curious dating site does work or not, you’d better select the one moth price to check it really works for you.


As the second bisexual dating site, BiCurious is the ideal platform for new bisexual members and bi curious people to select. Some useful and convenient features facilitate bi curious single and bisexual people starting bi curious chat smoothly. However, the number of members on this dating site can not catch up with the largest and most popular bisexual dating site - BiCupid.

All in all, if you are bi curious woman, man or bi curious couple looking for threesome or bisexual hookup, is the nice place to join. You will not only find bisexual people, sometimes, you are able to find some bisexual couples looking for threesome as well. You can try the recommended bi curious dating site. If you wan to find more site for bisexual dating or threesome hookup, you can check the review of bisexual sites

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