How to Persuade Bi Curious Singles Enjoy Bisexual Hookup?

A large portion of the world is bisexual, something that they might not even be aware of. Most people are attracted to both men and women. Why not? Each side has their benefits. Having a bisexual hookup can be a wonderful thing, as is bisexual dating. But how do you persuade bi curious singles to have a bisexual hookup? Let's take a look.

Talk To Bi Curious Singles

One of the first things that you need to do to get a bisexual hookup is to talk to the curious person. Let them know that having a bisexual hookup is perfectly normal. Many people around the world enjoy it. A lot of bi curious singles are hesitant to try hooking up because they are worried that they will be judged for doing so. Letting them know that they aren't the only people in the world to be bi curious, they will typically start to become more comfortable with the idea.

Talking can also be straightforward. You can offer to provide oral to the bi curious single. Oral is attractive for almost anyone and you would be surprised by how many people are open to the idea of bisexual oral. In addition, oral is a great place to start more.

Another fear that many bi curious singles have is the transmission of diseases. Make sure to explain to them that you can have safe encounters and there are steps you can take to protect each other. Having a blood test in order to prove that you are disease free can also come in handy.

Be Provocative

There is nothing wrong with trying to turn on bi curious singles by trying to be provocative. Dress in a nature that will turn them on and act in the same. The idea is to turn them on to the point where they are more willing to have an open conversation about bisexual hookups and bisexual dating.

Pay close attention to the person to try and learn what turns them on. Being provocative will only work if you are doing so in a way that turns the person on. It may take a little bit of work and time to find out exactly how to interest your potential partner but it will be well worth it.

You can through a few intimate touches into your interactions and see if they are received well or not. Don't go all the way to touching your potential partner in sensitive areas, instead, the lower back is a great place. You can also gently touch their arm or shoulder. Mix that in with a little bit of flirting to see if the bi curious single flirts back with you.

Show Bi Curious People That It Is Okay

As long as the bi curious single you are with is open to it, start to show them that it is okay. Start small with making out and feeling each other up. This will help to show them how enjoyable bisexual dating can be. It will also excite them into wanting to try more. It is hard to say no once you have been turned on and excited, they will also start to realize how fun it can be.

It is important that you make sure that it is okay with your partner before you start trying to show them that it is okay. You don’t want to force your sexuality on someone. That can be a great way to not only lose a friend but to get in trouble.

Don't Rely On Drugs Or Alcohol

If you Google how to persuade bi curious singles to have bisexual hookup one of the biggest tips you will stumble across is to use legal drugs or alcohol in order to “persuade” bi curious singles. This is not actual persuasion and can get you in trouble. Don't rely on these tips to get you into bisexual dating.

That being said, it doesn't hurt to go out for a beer or to have someone over for a beer. Just don't aim to get them drunk enough to say yes. Not a good idea.

Use these tips to persuade any bi curious singles that you come across into having a bicurious hookup or bi curious dating. You will both enjoy the experience, more so than you probably know. Being with bisexual people is one of the best experiences in life.

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